Wardrobe Requirements

Competition Wardrobe-

1) Evening gown of contestants’ choice

2) Any SOLID BLACK swimwear of contestants’ choice (cover-ups, wraps, hose and body make-up are allowed and encouraged) Cover-ups must also be solid black. Embellishments are allowed.

3) Interview suit or business dress of contestants’ choice

4) Blue outfit of choice- cocktail dress/suit, fun fashion wear, trendy upscale attire. This is worn during the official photogenic photo shoot. (any SOLID shade of blue)

5) Nude, skin colored or clear heels

Wardrobe requirements for activities and events-

All activities listed below are optional and are NOT scored or seen by the judges committee.

NO VISIBLE LOGOS larger than one inch on any clothing pieces. 

1) Any SOLID white outfit- (This can be a club dress, trendy jumpsuit, sundress, business suit/dress or ANY upscale casual attire)- this will be worn during red carpet filming, yacht boarding and/or  rooftop VIP party. 

2) Any solid red swimwear - (cover-ups, wraps, hose and body make-up are allowed and encouraged) Cover-ups must also be solid red. Embellishments are allowed. This will be worn for the beachside pose-off challenge.

3) Blue jean bottoms (shorts/skirt/capri) -must be jean colored- for boardwalk fun & activities filming

4) Solid white top any style - to be worn with the blue jean bottoms for boardwalk fun & activities filming

5) Solid Black upscale outfit ANY style - to be worn for special effects filming "Black Magic Woman" All delegates will wear a masquerade mask. (we will have one for you or you can bring your own)


6) Any outfit or cocktail dress for crowning after party (this will be at a casual location on hotel property but feel free to dress up and please wear crowns and banners)

7) Any 2 outfits of choice for evening character development interview style filming. CD filming where delegates sit and tell the cameras about their day. (you can wear the same thing twice or bring 2 outfits)    

9) Nude and/or clear heals or sandals. These will be worn for specific group shots.