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Wardrobe Requirements

Competition wardrobe-
1) Evening gown of contestants’ choice
2) Swimwear of contestants’ choice (cover-ups, wraps, hose and body make-up are allowed and encouraged)
3) Interview suit or business dress of contestants’ choice
4) State/Country Costume- contestants are judged on their stage introduction ONLY. No costumes are judged.
5) Blue cocktail dress/suit- This is worn during the official photogenic photo shoot. (any SOLID shade of blue)
6) Nude, skin colored or clear heels

NON-Competition wardrobe requirements-
1) Dark blue jeans or capris with a solid white top AND a solid red top (any style top but it MUST be solid / no tattered jeans)- this outfit is for on-location filming and group excursions. Judges will NEVER see you in this outfit.
2) Any SOLID white outfit- (This can be a club dress, trendy jumpsuit, sundress, business suit/dress or ANY upscale casual attire)- this will be worn during filming, photo shoots and evening or daytime event parties. Judges will NEVER see you in this outfit.
3) Solid white swimwear of contestants’ choice. (one or two piece) Judges will NEVER see you in this outfit. This is for stage filming only. (hose, body make-up and solid white wraps are allowed and encouraged. Rhinestones on swimwear and wraps are allowed)
4) Nude and/or clear heals.

The Ms. World pageant separates the competition judging event days from the stage show event days. This allows the contestants to really enjoy their time on stage. It also gives the contestants the liberty to wear their own competition wardrobe while being judged and then still have the freedom to wear their own unique style on the show stage for filming.