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 Wardrobe Requirements for 2023

Competition Wardrobe Requirements- Below is list of all competition wardrobe requirements for phases of competition that each delegate  receives a competition score or evaluation. 

  1. MANDATORY - EVENING GOWN COMPETITION FILMING - Evening gown of contestants’ choice. Any Color 

  2. MANDATORY - SWIMSUIT/FITNESS COMPETITION FILMING - Any SOLID WHITE swimwear (cover-ups, wraps, hose and body make-up are allowed and encouraged) Cover-ups must also be solid WHITE. Embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins buckles, rings & metals ARE allowed and can be silver, gold or bronze. ANY swimsuits or added wraps that are not white will NOT be permitted. 

  3. MANDATORY - INTERVIEW COMPETITION FILMING (VIDEO SUBMISSION) Interview suit or business dress of contestants’ choice- ANY COLOR - this is what you will wear for your interview video submission, you will NOT need to bring this with you to Miami. All videos must have NO EDITS and be under 1 min in length. Every delegate will answer the question… “Tell us a little bit about yourself”. Video Submission Due Date - August 15th.  

  4. MANDATORY - PHOTO SHOOT MODELING COMPETITION FILMING - Any SOLID BLUE trendy upscale outfit. This can be a cocktail dress, jumpsuit or fun fashion wear. This will be worn during the official photogenic photo shoot. Materials that flow and move look great on camera. There will be a fan blowing during the shoot for optimal effects. All types of embellishments are allowed but the base material must be ANY shade of BLUE. NO PRINTS… solid colors of BLUE only. 

  5. MANDATORY - Nude, skin colored or clear heels (these are for swimsuit) 


Additional Activities Wardrobe Requirements - Below is the list of  wardrobe requirements for all additional activities and optional events- These are fun filming events & activities that are completely optional and have ZERO bearing on your pageant scores. Judges NEVER see any photos or footage of these activities. 


If a delegate arrives without the proper attire she will NOT be filmed or permitted to participate in the activity while the camera crews are filming. 


NO VISIBLE LOGOS larger than one inch on any clothing pieces. 


  1. OPTIONAL - STATE/NATIONAL COSTUME COMPETITION- Country/state costume is a completely optional competition for those delegates who would like the opportunity to be featured in an additional filming segment. Delegates who choose to enter this optional event need to bring bring a costume that represents in some way the country or state of their title. Girls representing a state must wear a STATE costume. Delegates representing a country must wear a COUNTRY costume. This event is NOT scored by the official pageant judges. The delegates wearing the most most impressive costumes will be recognized on stage an have the opportunity to be crowned Ms World International Global & Ms Universe Global. Winning this title will NOT prevent a delegate from receiving ANY other titles. This is an EXTRA award and will go to the delegate with best overall costume presentation regardless of other titles she may win.

  2. OPTIONAL AMBASSADOR COMPETITION- VIDEOS DUE AUGUST 10th - 1 minute video submission that includes video of the delegate and something related to her country or state. This is every delegates chance to get creative and have fun. These videos will NOT be seen by the official pageant judges and will NOT be part of the pageant scores. Most impressive video submission will be awarded the Ms World International / Ms World America / Ms Universe / Ms USA Universe Ambassador Crown and Title. Wardrobe for video is delegates choice. Winning this title will NOT prevent a delegate from receiving ANY other title. This is an EXTRA award and will go to the delegate with the best video submission regardless of other titles she may win.   

  3. OPTIONAL MARINA RED CARPET FILMING- ANY GOLD or SILVER metallic, shimmer, sequined, rhinestones or mirrored outfit of choice- cocktail dress/suit, fun fashion wear, trendy upscale attire. This will be worn during red carpet marina filming by the yacht. ANY GOLD OR SILVER SPARKLY MATERIAL. 

  4. OPTIONAL YACHT PARTY/WATER ACTIVITIES FILMING - Any solid RED swimwear - (cover-ups, wraps, hose are allowed and encouraged- NO SELF TANNING LOTION ON THE YACHT) Cover-ups must also be solid RED. Embellishments are allowed. This will be worn for the yacht party photo shoot and/or the water activities. PLEASE wear LOW maintenance attire for the yacht party and/or water sports activities. Swimsuits that do not stay securely in place will result in unusable footage. Remember delegates are NOT judged on this activity so there is no need to take risks with high maintenance attire that could easily create a wardrobe malfunction.  

  5. OPTIONAL BEACH PHOTO SHOOT & FILMING- Any SOLID BLUE beach attire for the Beachside Pose-Off Challenge & Battle of the Beauty Queens Challenge.This can be resort wear, swimsuit, sundress or any other beach attire. This is a fun optional event that is NOT part of pageant scores. Props like sunglasses, cover-ups and anything else you can think of are allowed during this event. WE WILL PROVIDE ALL THE PROPS FOR SEVERAL EXCLUSIVE PHOTO SHOOT OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDING “BEACH GODDESS” “FLYING DRESS” “SAND ANGEL” AND SOME ADDITIONAL SURPRISES. 

  6. OPTIONAL ANGEL WINGS PHOTO SHOOT - International & National delegates will be wearing different colors for this event. Colors are as follows- NATIONAL DELEGATES  ONLY- (those representing a US state) wear any style SOLID BLACK outfit - to be worn for special effects filming "Dark Angel" Each delegate will wear oversized Victoria Secret style Black Angel Wings. INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES ONLY - (those representing a country) wear any style SOLID PINK outfit - to be worn for special effects filming “Pink Angel" Each delegate will wear oversized Victoria Secret style Pink Angel Wings. Delegates with the most elaborate and impressive attire will be featured MORE in the final segment. Think outside the box for this. Lots of dangling extras and dramatic shoes. We will provide the Angel Wings for each delegate to wear. You provide the WOW factor! 

  7. OPTIONAL AFTER PARTY- Any outfit or cocktail dress for crowning after party. This is open to the public and takes place at the Diplomat Lobby Bar so feel free to bring your supporters, dress up or arrive casual. Please wear crowns and banners.

  8. OPTIONAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FILMING- Any outfit of choice for evening character development interview style filming. CD filming is where delegates sit and tell the cameras about their day. This is optional and NOT part of your pageant scores. You can wear something you already wore or something new.

  9. IMPORTANT - Each delegate needs to bring her state or country flag. Please get the lightweight style that can be purchased on Amazon for under 10 dollars. Do not get heavy material flags, they will not flow in the wind like the lightweight style. All USA/America delegates representing a US State MUST use their state flag and NOT the American Flag. Only delegates representing USA or America as a winner of the 2022 Nationals can use the American Flag for the parade of nations runway shoot. 

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