Phases of Competition

Beauty – 25% - runway competition wearing a formal evening gown of contestants’ choice

Fitness- 25% - on-location runway competition wearing swimsuit of contestants’ choice (any style/no thongs) This is filmed on location either beach or poolside.

Interview- 25% - tv style interview where contestants are are mic'd-up and individually filmed seated with lights and cameras rolling. Each contestant will be asked by a producer off camera- "tell us a little bit about yourself" This is the only question so contestants should be prepared to answer with some unique qualities, interesting facts and funny stories about themselves.

Photogenic- 25%- contestants are filmed individually during an active photo shoot on their posing ability/camera appeal. 

Each year the Ms World International team evaluate the results of the previous year, consider feedback from our contestants and establish the scoring criteria for the new season. This year we are very excited to be implementing a virtual judging platform for the 2021 event. 

See our "NEW FOR 2021" page for details on the Virtual Judging platform and scoring criteria. 

At Ms World International... The Best Contestants Win!


Ms World International  

There are four phases of competition throughout the event. The Ms World International final score is determined by adding delegates top 3 scoring phases of competition together. Each delegates' lowest scoring phase of competition is dropped. 

Ms Universe 

The Ms Universe final score is determined by adding the scores of ALL 4 phases of competition together. NO SCORES are dropped. 

Competition Scoring

The World International Pageant System has been described as “perhaps the last fair beauty pageant” by pageant critics and enthusiasts alike.


• With a modernized scoring format, total transparency allows the contestants to feel confident that their efforts are being evaluated impartially and objectively.


• Each contestant is given access to their scores immediately following the event so they can see exactly how   they did.

• Judges are NEVER pageant insiders, pageant directors, or former titleholders. The Ms. World Corp. invites only high profile personalities within the entertainment industry such as style editors, fashion executives, network producers, casting agents and celebrities to be a part of the judge’s committee.


• Judges are given detailed instruction prior to each phase of competition in regards to scoring. 


• During the interview phase of competition, each contestant will be asked the exact same question "Tell Us About Yourself". 


• Judges are informed NOT to allow geographic location or the contestants title to influence their score in any way.

New for the 2021 event, the Ms. World Corp. has a smartphone app in production so contestants will be able to get feedback from the judges, get schedule updates and track competition scoring trends. We hope to have this implemented for the 2021 event. Integrity in the scoring system is the number one priority for the Ms. World Corp. and these are just a few of the measures that ensure each contestants efforts are duly recognized.

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