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 World America Pageant

Winner of the 2019 World America crown is
Mrs Washington - Cassandra Wallace

Winner of the 2020 World America pageant will get an invitation to represent the USA at the 2021World International Pageant filmed in Thailand or Brazil. More info coming soon.

NEW FOR 2020

5 World USA / World America Titles Awarded

This year the World USA and World America Pageant will be run alongside the World International Pageant.


Contestants representing a domestic US State qualify to win one of the 5 World America/USA titles.

The World America Pageant is scored by the same judges and uses the same format as the World International Pageant. Contestants competing in the World America Pageant WILL NOT be eligible to win any of the top 5 Ms World International titles.


Titles awarded at the World USA/America Pageant include

1)Ms World America  - Highest scoring contestant representing a US State. All contestants qualify to win this title.

2)World USA Miss- Second highest ranking title. Contestants who have never been marries and have no children qualify to to win this title. 

3)World America Mrs- Third highest ranking title. Contestants who submit a copy of a valid marriage certificate qualify to win this title.

4)World America Petite - this is the fourth highest ranking title. Contestants who are 5'4" in height qualify to win this title.

5) World USA Pro- this is the 5th highest ranking title. Contestants who are over a certain age  (exact age will be determined prior to the event date)

Highest ranking title "Ms World America" will receive full entry into the 2021 Ms World International Pageant. Miss, Mrs, Petite & Elite winners receive invitations to compete at the International event.