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What is the Black Sash Experience? 

The coveted Black Sash Experience is an element of the competition that is NOT related to pageant competition scores. 

The most dynamic delegates are selected to become part of the exclusive Black Sash Club. The black sash is an official invite to take part in a surprise experience that takes place on the final day.  The 2022 Black Sash winners were picked up in a SUV limousine and taken to a private jet photo shoot with paparazzi standing by to capture their arrival. Every year the Black Sash Experience will be different and will be a surprise. We encourage all delegates to book the latest flight out on check-out day so that they will have time to participate in the Black Sash Experience if they are fortunate enough to be selected. Every year the number of Black Sash invites will change depending on the experience. This is not something you can purchase or earn through points. This is based solely on "impression" throughout the event. The best way to get selected... is by being AUTHENTICALLY YOU! Do not conform to typical "pageant standards". Wear what you love, say what you feel & enjoy the moment. When you do these things, at the Queen of the Crowned Filming event, you WILL be noticed! 

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 12.29.52 PM.png
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