New for 2020

New this year MWI is implementing a cutting edge scoring platform that will revolutionize the way pageant scoring is done. We have developed a system that will allow every contestant the opportunity to be scored on a global level. 


Through live streaming, video conferencing and web sharing the 2020 pageant will utilize virtual judging. Each phase of competition will consist of up to 50 judges in multiple continents from around the world. Designated portions of the activities will be scored by an international judges panel viewing the contestants from multiple time zones.

This platform has been tested and verified to encompass the highest standards of precision and accuracy. There will be a leader board that the delegates can access anytime to see the top 25 names in RANDOM order as the scores from around the planet are entered into the system. 


As scores come in the names will change and it will be exciting to see the different leaders in the different areas of the scoring. ALL DELEGATES will receive scores for the following criteria in each phase of competition. 


Please see detailed scoring description below for more info.

Facial Expression

Physical Fitness 

Style & Fashion 


Camera Appeal 

Personality Projection 

Overall Presentation 

On-Site Scores (our MWI staff will be on hand to assist delegates for optimal on-site scores)







There are 7 scores that will be input from each judge for each phase of competition.

In each phase of competition delegates have the opportunity to earn 70 points per judge. 


  • Facial Expression 1-10 This score is based specifically on the delegates facial beauty and ability to use different facial expressions in front of the camera. 

  • Physical Fitness 1-10 This score is based specifically on the delegates fitness level and confidence with her figure.

  • Style & Fashion 1-10 This score is based on the delegates personal style and fashion sense.

  • Performance 1-10 This score is based on the delegates ability to perform in that specific phase of competition. 

  • Camera Appeal 1-10 This score is based on the delegates showmanship, and ability to connect with the viewers.

  • Personality Projection 1-10 This score is based on the delegates ability to entertain in the given environment using her personality.

  • Overall Presentation 1-10 This score is a based on a combination of stage presence, performance, creativity and execution.

Scoring Criteria 2020

These next 3 scores will always be public on the leader board so contestants will know if they have been docked points. It is the intention of the staff to make sure all delegates get full points for the following 3 categories. However in necessary circumstances delegates will lose points. MWI will have a designated Contestant Cooridinator and Team Leader who will be fully focused on making sure every contestant on their team is prepared, informed and on time for each event.

  • Punctuality  1-10 This score is recorded at roll call for each event by the designate CC team leader. Every minute a contestant is late the score drops one point 

  • Attire 1-10 This score is recorded at roll call for each event by the designate CC team leader. Wrong color or missing wardrobe pieces (sash and contestant number) will drop score by one point unless it has been cleared in advance for filming purpose.  

  • Enthusiasm 1-10 This score is recorded at the conclusion of each event by the designated CC team leader and is based on the delegates ability to take direction well; work as a team and stay engaged in the activity. As long as the contestant is present and enjoying herself she will receive full points for enthusiasm

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