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Ms. World Corporation Presents...


2023 World International / America
2023 Ms Universe / USA Universe   
Dates: August 20-24th 2023 
Location: Miami Beach USA 

The World International event is 4 nights and 5 days of team building experiences where delegates bond and build each other up through supportive activities in a structured and glamorous environment. Delegates participate in group challenges like the the yacht party pose-off challenge as well as four phases of individual competitions showcasing each delegates unique beauty, modeling ability and camera appeal.

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Mrs America, Chantea McIntyre is crowned  Ms World International 2022 

Chantea McIntyre Ms World International Beauty Queen

2022 Ms World International - Chantea McIntyre, America 
1st Runner-Up - Erlyna Rahmat, Singapore
2nd Runner- Up - Alina Ratio, Ukraine
3rd Runner-Up - Abbie Johnson, America
4th Runner-Up- Olena Brynza, Ukraine 
5th Runner-Up - Khrystyna Fetsiak, Italy 

Ms World International 

Ms Universe  
Ms World America 
Ms USA Universe

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Mrs Sweden, Viktoria Nord is crowned Mrs World International 2022

Mrs World International 2022 - Viktoria Nord, Sweden

1st Runner-Up - Erlyna Rahmat, Singapore

2nd Runner- Up - Margit Liiv, Estonia

3rd Runner-Up - Yurika Ihara, Japan

4th Runner-Up- Shizuka Abe, Japan

5th Runner-Up - Alisa Aoike, Japan

The goal of the Ms. World International Pageant and filming event is to inspire women from every country, continent and culture to come together, in the spirit of competition, to share their passions and promote their platforms on an international stage. We provide each of our queens a world class experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kristina Menissov is crowned Ms Universe 2022
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Ms Universe 2023 - Ms Kazakhstan, Kristina Menissov 
1st Runner-Up - Tuba Sahinova, Germany 
2nd Runner- Up - Christine Jamieson, Canada 
3rd Runner-Up - Tiffany Kory, USA

Juanita Ingram Mrs Universe Beauty Queen

Mrs Singapore, Juanita Ingram is crowned Mrs Universe 2022

Juanita Ingram Wins Mrs Universe

Mrs Universe 2022  - Juanita Ingram, Singapore

1st Runner-Up - Christine Jamieson, Canada 

2nd Runner- Up - Margit Liiv, Estonia

3rd Runner-Up - Erica Shibata, Japan


International Exposure

Ms. World International is a televised beauty pageant extravaganza featuring models of all ages competing in a 5 day reality tv adventure!

Pursuit of Excellence

Thousands of women every year vie for the chance to represent their country or state at the world finals.

Take a look at some of the incredible activities and world class events that kept our finalists busy during their exciting stay in the USA.

5 days and 4 nights of nonstop fun for the World International and Ms Universe finalists

The Ms World International event is NOT your typical beauty pageant. Our delegates don't spend hours rehearsing or learning choreographed routines.We are all about friendships, filming and fun. 

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Ms World International
Yacht Party 

All delegates party aboard the official Ms World Yacht with the picturesque Miami skyline as the backdrop and all cameras pointed at them.

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Each of the Ms World International and Ms Universe finalists had the opportunity to explore the intercostal on kayaks, paddle-boards banana boat rides and/or jet ski's 


Segway Races 

Every year the Queen of the Crowned events planners organize new and exciting activities for all delegates to enjoy. Our 2021 delegates raced Segways down S Ocean Ave. 

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Ms World International Filming 

Delegates receive individual photo shoots and lots of action videos of their activities throughout the week. 

IMG_1615 2.HEIC

Girls just wanna have FUN

What do the most beautiful and accomplished women from around the world do when they visit Miami..... party aboard a 60 foot yacht of course!

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Red Carpet Boarding

Because only a red carpet boarding will do for our Ms World International and Ms Universe finalists!

A Portfolio of Photo and Video shoots for all delegates

All delegates have the opportunity to be photographed and filmed by some of the entertainment industry's top professionals. Contestants are NEVER charged for their images. All delegates receive digital copies of all of their photos and video clips.

Best Activities Pageant



 in the industry.

If you are not having this much fun at your pageant... you are missing the whole point!

NO REHEARSALS ~ NO TICKET SALES ~ NO PRESSURE .... Every delegate gets her crowning moment on stage. With a variety of individual titles like Supermodel of the Year, Print Model of the Year, Philanthropist of the Year, Spokesmodel of the Year  Mother of the Year and MANY MORE.... every contestant has the opportunity be to recognized for her unique talents in beauty, fashion, career and an array of additional industries. 

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Industry Leaders

The Ms. World Corporation is in its 18th year of producing international and national competitions for women to showcase their individual achievements. The Ms. World International pageant has been held in countries across the globe promoting tourism, philanthropy and personal growth.


Formerly operating from Sao Paulo Brazil, the Ms. World International Corporation is now working in conjunction with several US television network content providers and production companies.

The Ms. World International Corp. offers its contestants the most transparent scoring and judging application in the industry. (see the competition scoring page for more details)


The Ms. World directors, CEO and board members believe that the integrity and professionalism of the Ms. World Corp. is what makes this pageant one of the leaders in the International Pageant and Entertainment Industry.

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