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2019 World International Queens

Congratulations to the Reigning World International Titleholders


Ms World International 2019

Ms Russia- Leyla Murugova

Hello everyone! My name is Leyla Murugova I'm from Russia and I’m so happy to represent my country. I am an architect designer. I make beautiful and comfortable apartments, houses and offices for my clients. I love my job - it makes me happy! I also have another passion-drawing. I'm an artist. I draw for myself and for my design projects. I can't imagine my life without sports. I do boxing, jogging, I ride a bike, mountain ski, snowboarding and go to the gym. I  also enjoy playing in a community theatre where we perform for children mostly. I suppose all these things are about loving life. I love life and it loves me back! Miracles happen with those only who believe in them. I am the one. I believe in miracles. And they are really happening in my life. One miracle is happening right now. Visiting Miami, it’s was my dream, finally I am here!!!

I want to show all the women of the world that they are not only mothers and wives, they are women, they are Queens. Every woman can go to a beauty contest and show herself to the world as I do.
I want to thank my parents and my boyfriend. They always believe in me! I want to thank you all! We all won! We're all Queens! Forever!

World International Mrs

World International Mrs

Mrs Washington- Cassandra Wallace

It is with overwhelming gratitude that I say thank you so very much for this incredible opportunity and this honor. I feel blessed beyond measure. Thank you to everyone who encouraged and believed in me. Special thanks to my husband David and my wild and adventurous boys; who always treat me like a queen; Brycen, Brodi, and Bronx.


 World International Petite

Mrs Romania- Tali Brockman

I am the 2nd oldest of 11 siblings.My family was sponsored into the United States by a small church in Salisbury N.C. I grew up very poor and had to grow up very fast and responsible in order to help my parents . In Romania and in the US  I experienced the most difficult hardship including physical abuse and sexual abuse.There was a time I found myself squeezing everything i could fit into a 16 foot Penske Truck, got behind a wheel with my two children ages 5 and 6,and $20 to my name. We went from being homeless, sleeping in the car, to literally not knowing where our next meal was going to come from. Through hard work and perseverance I have created a good life for me and my children. 

I overcame these obstacles by making God and myself a promise that one day I would use my experience to help motivate and inspire others. I have chosen to give back by making a difference in the lives of children and their families. It is a blessing that what was done for me, I am honored now to do for others.

Four years ago God blessed me with my best friend and partner for life. He knows my heart and my passion for keeping my message in the forefront. You see..2 years ago we were able to start a Non-profit called "No Kids Left Behind". Last December we put together our very first festival. With the attendance of over 2,000 people, live entertainment ,Keys to the City of Sanford, and with the help of the head City Councilman,We raised money to continue helping children in orphanages,as well as homeless children here in FL and in my beautiful home country of Romania . It was such an unbelievable success that we are now working on our second festival that will be held next December. We are set to triple our attendance . I believe we have to be the change we want to see by keeping the message of "No Kids Left Behind" in the forefront.  It makes my heart happy to share that we have volunteers in countless numbers joining our cause to change lives and make a difference in the lives of these innocent children. It starts with one person. How well do I know? That person is me. 


World International Miss

Miss Canada- Merci Maddox

Coming all the way from Calgary to Miami and winning Miss World International for Canada is amazing. I started pageants when I was a shy 17 year old just trying something new to break out of my shell and who knew it would lead me to 7 years and 7 crowns to my name back to back. Pageants opened up my world to modeling, ambassadorships, vibing at Paris Fashion Week parties, and countless friendships all over the world. Thinking about who I was as a little girl growing up in the Northwest Territories of Canada and who I was when I was 17, I couldn't have expected my life was going to be like this!
Winning The Miss title AND the the People's Choice crown is something so incredibly meaningful to me. I have plenty of experience in pageantry being a titleholder the past 7 years. My favorite part of pageants have always been meeting people and the prospect of making new friends. I know the different kinds of people you meet and if you're the person in the room that can be there positively, break the ice, make people laugh, and just unapolegetically be your outrageously fun self--everyone can have a great time and that's what I hope for people to get from pageants.


World International Premier

Mrs Florida- Shawana Boyer


Shawana Boyer Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and the Published Author of "Who is She" shares her personal story of trials and triumphs that she overcame in her life that has led her to this journey of living in her “Winning” season traveling the world sharing her story, encouraging other women and mentoring young teen girls through her Young Models of America Association.  She is the founder of SynSha Fashions Boutique and Pretty Pearls and Clutches Fashion Empowerment Brunch. She would like to thank MWI for this incredible opportunity and thank her sponsors Stitch by Hurson, YaniB Collection & SynSha Fashions for keeping her slayed throughout the week.  More info at


World International Elite

Mrs France- Dedra Curtis 

Full Bio Coming Soon


World International Pro

Mrs Connecticut- Susan Pagan

Susan Pagan is a Connecticut, USA resident where she lives with her husband Ivan of 15 years and two cats Phoebe & Priscilla.  Susan owns a Stylist and Fashion Consulting business, she is a passionate traveler, a marathon runner, and she works to help the homeless as well as those in compromised living conditions. Susan is available for speaking engagements and appearances if you email her


 World International Woman

Mrs Germany- Jennifer Post

Hard work pays off, believe in yourself, 'cause dreams really do come true!!!!
I am very excited about my journey ahead.
A massive THANKS for this experience,  which will stay with me forever. Also Thanks to my sponsors: Dip'n'Pour, Earring Envy, Couture Crowning, UGlow and This must B the place.

World International Special Awards


Ms Celebrity World International

Mrs France- Dedra Curtis

This title is awarded to the contestant with the highest score after adding the scores of the camera crew to her pageant scores using all phases of competition. This contestant will be featured regularly on our website and promotional media. This is the contestant that added the most value to the “Queen of the Crowned” pilot filming.


Entertainer of the Year

Ms Greece- Gogo Vegena

This title was awarded to the contestant who wowed the onlookers and touched our hearts with her beachside rendition of Haley Reinhart's Can't help falling in love.
Gogo is a recording artist who has been singing for quite some years in her country of origin and has performed alongside well known Greek singers. She has a growing aspiration to “conquer “ the world as her zest and music passion is non ending but only culminating.


 World International People's Choice

Miss Canada- Mercy Maddox

The Peoples Choice winner was determined by asking the fans, the audience and a variety of different people who the delegates had interacted with throughout the week. Who stood out and made you laugh, smile or specifically notice her? We tallied the votes and Mercy was the clear winner.


 World International Ambassador

Mrs Germany- Jennifer Post

This is one of the highest honors awarded at the Ms World International event. It goes to the the delegate who did the most promotional and media related appearances. The ambassador queen will be featured regularly on our social media and Ms World TV.

World International Ms - Ms Russia- Leyla Murugova

1st RU- Mrs Washington - Cassandra Wallace

2nd RU- Mrs Florida- Shawana Boyer

3rd RU- Mrs Romania - Tali Brockman

4th RU- Mrs France- Dedra Curtis

5th RU- Mrs Connecticut- Susan Pagan


Ms World Fitness

Mrs Romania - Tali Brockman

The fitness award goes to the contestant who wow’d the crowd at our blue carpet runway beach side photo shoot.