Ms World International is a global media property and has recently partnered with CDN Broadcast and Celebrity Pageants to launch the 

Ms Universe brand. The Ms Universe ® pageant is being telecast alongside the Ms World International Pageant in 7 countries and will be featured in the “Queen of the Crowned” reality show pitch pilot.

Ms Universe 2019

Mrs Russia Leyla Murugova

Ms Universe Queens

Introducing... The Ms Universe Class of 2019


Ms Universe
Mrs Winner

Mrs Greece- Gogo Vagena

I am diligent, hard working, persistent, and an optimist . I love being polite and upfront, I respect myself and people around me andabsolutely vote for creativity. Constant work and improvement is a one way option for people who want to do be the best version of themselves and I'd like to think I belong to this kind.


Ms Universe
Petite Winner

Mrs South Africa- Rosa Van Niekerk

Rosa Van Niekerk is a daughter of the King. She is happy, brave, strong and fierce. She is residing in South Africa and married with two beautiful daughters. Rosa is n practicing Attorney and owner of Rosa Van Niekerk Attorney’s and Worthy Women Makeup. Rosa is a litigation attorney with a passion for for abuse women and children, as she herself has been a survivor of physical and emotional abuse. Rosa is an aspirant candidate judge for the High Court and the Appeal Court of South Africa. She had received numerous awards for her work supporting abused women and uses her platform as a public speaker to spread her message of crown up. 
She lives by the words get up, pray up, crown up and rise up. #RosaVanNiekerkAttorneys #RosaVanNiekerkMrsSAMsWorldInternational2019.


Ms Universe 
Miss Winner

Miss Japan- Aya Izaki

Aya is the miss winner of the Ms Universe Pageant and has been modeling in Japan with her different pageant titles for many years. She stands 5’9” tall and has been featured in several advertisements in her country. She not only is a statuesque beauty but she also has a Law degree from Kansai University. Her main work is in Sales at Semiconductor manufacture where she has been working for 6 years. Her hobbies include MuayThai and traveling as well as experiencing new cultures around the globe. She is definitely making a name for herself in the fashion and modeling industry and is sure to be making numerous appearances as the newly crowned Ms Universe World International Miss Queen.


Ms Universe Premier Winner

Ms Canada- Liliane Ulysse

Over the last two years, Liliane Ulysse has been pursuing her degree in International Relation. She is a mother of a son, a career woman, a friend, a mentor, and many times the glue that holds her family together. Apart from that, she works for Global Affairs Canada in the International business development trade department. She is an open-minded, curious and likes to learn about people and different cultures to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Brave, ambitious, powerful woman, she always has this deep yearning to motivate others. 
It is been a great pleasure for her to be the Ms Universe Premier 2019. Her wish is that she can motivate and inspire women- no matter their background, education or scars- to be unapologetic in recognising themselves as massive forces in society; to come forward and take on those leadership roles.
She is actively engaged in her community and plans to continue advocating for suicide prevention and mental health awareness should she take home the crown.


Ms Universe Elite Winner

Ms Netherlands- Kimberly Moens

First of I want to thank Shelley our devoted and dedicated director. With out her this all wouldn’t have been possible. Second I would like to thank my amazing mother and great sponsors for getting me ready for this beautiful adventure. Last but not least thank you to my sister queens you made this experience unforgettable. I love you and miss you. 


Ms Universe Woman Winner

Mrs Australia- Sophia Rayat

My Name is Sophia Rayat  Ms Universe Woman 2019. I love to help and empower others. I am really thankful to God to my family and friends for their amazing support. Special thanks to Vitamin by Sonalika for the beautiful gown, as always it looks beautiful  and I love her style. Also a big thanks to Ms World Corp for believing in me.


Ms Universe Pro

Ms Japan- Takayo Quintanarcruz

 Takayo Quintanarcruz is a loving and benevolent woman.

She is thoughtful, ethical, also a very much professional and reliable at business.

Her major was linguistics, and studied cross-cultural understanding by learning multi languages; Chinese, French, Spanish, and English.

Takayo is also a Licences Secretary and worked for the Mayor of one of the major city of Okinawa, Japan, in her early 20's.

She has served both U.S. and Japanese government by working for United States Navy at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan as financial specialist.

Her performance and work ethic was extremely outstanding, she received many of awards during her 13 years of service.

  Furthermore, she was a owner of restaurant business and also a great chef.

Takayo emphasizes how chemical seasoning detrimental to our health on both physically and mentally, importance of homemade cooking by choosing the 'Real' ingredients.

She has been serving highly nutruions and delicious cooking to many of the customers, family, and her dogs.

She is now working on her special cooking recipes to be published, to spread the world happy and healty life.

  Takayo met Japanese auther 'Ken Honda' in her mid 20's, and his 'Happy Money Mind' very much impacted her and started thinking what she could do on her own.

She put it in her action right away and donated 20% of every paychecks to help others until she retired from work at late 30's.

Takayo also has once gave away her entire fortune to the poor.

Her 'Happy Money Mind' keeps blessing her in many beautiful ways in her life today.

  She loves dancing salsa, experienced competing dancer in Latin, also loves traveling the world.